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Portable Stand Up Laptop Desk - Light Wood

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH YOU IN MIND; The Wuteku Standing Chair Desk is a necessity for any working individual in the world we live in today; Portable, light weight, and with an included mobile device holder this accessory is a must have for your home or office
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY SIZE OR STYLE CHAIR; The Standing Chair Desk designed by Wuteku fits any size or style office chair; Making a conversion from sit-to-stand a breeze; Simply set your chair at the desired vertical height, and snap on the Wuteku Standing Desk to the back of the chair
  • MAXIMAL VERSATILITY; The Wuteku Standing Chair Desk allows you to work the way you feel comfortable; If you prefer working in bed or on the floor, simply unhook the converter and lay the desk flat on your lap; If you prefer standing, use a stable vertical object (ie: chair) and prop your desk up to stand
  • PORTABLE ACCESSORY; This Standing Chair Desk provides maximum versatility, allowing the user to easily take it on-the-go; With its nominal weight of 5lbs the Standing Chair Desk by Wuteku is the perfect travel accessory for workers constantly leaving their office for meetings
  • SPECIFICATIONS: The Wuteku Standing Chair Desk includes a carry bag to easily transport when on-the-go or traveling for work and a socket to hold mobile devices such as tablets or phones; The Standing Chair Desk comes in a wood color to resemble a normal desk or table; Dimensions 16.9" by 15.8" by 2.4"; Weighs 5.3 lbs